I re-recorded When She Loved Me from toy story so I don’t have a blocked nose in this one. 
I’m much happier with it now. Also it’s through my sound cloud cause I want to get that thing bulked up.. 

Bit of Avenue Q for you here, with ‘Purpose’
Love this song so much :’) 

Jack T

"Titanium Cover"

I don’t even care if this starts out out of tune and sounds nasal and bad. I bloody love singing this song. 

Titanium - David Guetta - Male Cover

Also overly sorry if you heard the first upload of this. I completely fucked up one bit in that version so chopped it out. 
I thought I’d already chopped but . . Nope. 


Tumblr Giveaway

Hey guys! So I did a giveaway awhile back and I thought “hey that was pretty fun, I should do another one”—so this is me doing another one. All you have to do is reblog this as many times as you would like and I will message the winner on September 16th. The winner will get any shirt of their choice and whatever shirt they select will be on sale to everyone for a few weeks afterward.

Also, here is a link for my website where you can see the other literary tees that I make:
g4tsby tees 

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Video Numero 3 - Robert Pattinson is a Superhero!?

Would be awesome if you could watch and let me know what you think ?

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Jack T

"A Man's Gotta Do"

Cover of a song from Dr Horrible’s sing along blog. Usually sung by three people.
Captain Hammer’s bits I’m not overly fine with, but heyho.
Even if this is shockingly bad I haven’t posted anything on this blog in ages.

Jack T

"Walk Through The Fire - Buffy Cover"

Bit of Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Walk through the fire Cover for you all here.

God this took some time.
Luckily I already knew everything from when I listened to this non-stop as a child. Finally got to do all the parts !

Hope you enjoy.. Even if it sounds like I’ve got a blocked nose.
1 - It’s unfortunately the way I’ve gotten used to singing now
2 - I’ve got sinus problems. Doctors apointment soon hopefully…

A painful attempt at an actual decent drawing. Say hello to a badly drawn Zac Efron from High School Musical..

A painful attempt at an actual decent drawing.
Say hello to a badly drawn Zac Efron from High School Musical..

Jack T

"Drumming Song"

Bit of a cover of Florence and the machine’s ‘Drumming Song’… without the drums.
I don’t care if it doesn’t work. It’s fun to sing, and that’s the only reason I’m posting stuff like this on here, because its fun.

period by KRUNK Interactive